Tags: Purchasing, General Use
Name: Creative & Marketing Services (idfive)
Contract ID: GMU-1692-21-14
Type: Advertising/Marketing/PR
Status: Active
Manager: Susan Graziano
Contract Organization
Contract With: idfive, LLC
Primary Contact: Andres Zapata
Creative & Marketing Services for Mason departments. Buyer: Erin Rauch,

Contract Purchasing Officer Erin Rauch


Type Original Date Current Date
Contract Start 2021-06-04 2021-05-24
Contract End 2022-06-03 2022-05-23
Renewal Option 1 2022-06-04 2022-05-24
Renewal Option 2 2023-06-04 2023-05-24
Renewal Option 3 2024-06-04 2024-05-24
Renewal Option 4 2025-06-04 2025-05-24


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NegotiationResponse1_GMU-1692-21_idfive.pdf Purchasing Visible to Public
RFP_GMU-1692-21_CreativeMarketingServices.pdf Purchasing Visible to Public
Proposal_GMU-1692-21_idfive,LLC.pdf Purchasing Visible to Public
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